Great Lakes Olive Oil

The Great Lakes Olive Oil Co. was founded in 2010 by long-time foodies and even longer residents of Albion, the Lee Family. A well-rounded offering of olive oil and vinegar flavors create unique and tasteful offerings sure to delight everyone. Seasonal rotations ensure production of the freshest oils, from extra virgin to tea rose to black truffle. And aged balsamic vinegars like blackberry ginger, cinnamon pear, or fig are just some of the many Great Lake Olive Oil products you can experience to take your taste buds and your culinary skills in new directions. 
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Olive Oil by Great Lakes Olive Oil Co.
Olive Oil by Great Lakes Olive Oil Co.
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Infused Vinegar
Infused Vinegar
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Sampler Set
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25 Year Reserve Balsamic Vinegar
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