EyEcy Album - "The Vision"

EyEcy Album - "The Vision"

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EyEcy, an Albion native, and current resident released her new album, "The Vision" on July 27, 2018. EyEcy is a singer, songwriter, and actress who brings Albion to every song.  SIGNED COPY!


  1. The Vision
  2. They Say
  3. Stranger Things
  4. I Just Wanna Live
  5. What Goes Around (Ft Kato)
  6. Blessed 
  7. B.B.Y.G (Ft. Damian)
  8. Bars
  9. Paper Chase (Ft. Bloodline)
  10. Open the Door
  11. Yeah Yeah Yeah
  12. Outro

Produced by SnapProductionZ

MMS Music

Executive Producer: Snap



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