Bad Ass Boss Lady Pencil Pack

Bad Ass Boss Lady Pencil Pack

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Who is a Bad A$* boss lady in your life? If it is you, then you should definitely buy them for yourself and also if it is you, then you likely know another boss lady in your life to share one of your pencils with.  

Includes: (2) Black pencil w/gold writing - “I’m a hustler baby” (2) Pink pencil w/black writing - “Dream big. Dress well. Do good.” (2) Gold Pencil w/white writing - “Chasing Dreams…not men.” (1) White Pencil w/gold writing - “Be the bad ass CEO of your life

Set of 7 pencils sealed cello sleeve. Made in the USA. Unsharpened. #2 lead - certified non-toxic. Latex-free synthetic erasers. Designed and packaged with l-o-v-e!. 



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