Albion Molder T-Shirt

Albion Molder T-Shirt

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The "American Molder" statue can be found in the center of Albion and is a tribute to the craftsman and laborers of the Albion Community.  The molder carries a different meaning for many individuals and at the same time is an object that everyone who is familiar with Albion, associates with their community.  This minimal, but the striking design is imprinted on the softest tri-blend t-shirt available.  Wearing this shirt is sure to start conversations.

Two screen print options are available, light gray on black or dark gray on black. The light gray on black stands out more while the dark gray on black is subtle and gives a hint of mystery. 

The dark gray on black is in limited supply and can be ordered for delivery within 2 weeks.

Product Information

  • Color: Light Gray on Black or Dark Gray on Black
  • 50% Polyester, 25% Cotton, 25% Rayon


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