Albion Artists

Andrew Arndts

Andrew is a graduate of Albion Senior High School and currently lives in Albion. He started woodworking in 2002 and transitioned to wood turning in 2008. Andrew is now a professional wood turner and creator of unique heirloom gifts, writing instruments, and other wood goods.

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Andrew French

Dr. French has been a resident of Albion over 20 years, and active throughout the community with different organizations. He handcrafts so truly amazing wood pieces.

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Bobbie Van Eck

Bobbie calls Albion home, and she is also a graduate of Albion College. Bobbie's pieces are full of bright colors, textures and lots of contrast, achieved by layering glass and melting it together with a kiln. 

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Frank Passic

Frank Passic is an Albion native and Albion's historian. Mr. Passic has been writing articles and books about Albion's history in various publications of since 1976.

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Gwen Tabb

Gwen Tabb is an artist, crafter, and owner of GG's Gems. GG's Gems showcases elegant handcrafted jewelry. Semi precious and gem stones are used in design of individual pieces to make each one a unique glitz and glamour.

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Jadzia Parker

Albion native, Jadzia Parker has done some amazing designs for Pure Albion. As a graphic designer and owner of Jaz Parker Art, the graphics a very eye catching.

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Lea Rakistaba

Lea learned how to crochet in 2014 and started participating in a few craft fairs.  She created Lea's Crochet Corner and began raising money for her fiance's plane ticket from Burkina Faso to the U.S. Lea and her husband live here in Albion where she is a stay at home mom.

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Maggie La Noue

Maggie’s business,, offers a variety of printed items, including custom gifts and note cards for corporations, line art prints of Michigan, nature and nostalgia, and Michigan Mugs. Maggie’s unique style makes ordinary subjects and objects into works of art. Maggie’s goal is to brighten the day of people who see her work. 

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Nobel Schuler

Nobel has a passion for helping others explore and grow through art and he as taught students of all ages over the past 40 years.  Nobel owned a studio, Schuler Arts, for countless years in Albion. Nobel created pencil drawings, ceramics, and more.

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Oscar Cleveland

Oscar is a local artist creating amazing laser and engraved work. You may see him around at the local farmer's market and other showcases as he shares his love for Albion.

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Ron Di Salvio

Ron has been in the music industry for over 50 years focusing on jazz and contemporary genres. You may see Ron around the community performing.

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